An ad looks suspicious

As in every service where users can post their ads, sometimes a fishy ad can appear in Trovit. We work relentlessly to track them, erase them and ban the users who post them. Still, every now and then, a fishy ad will slip through and make it to our search results. In that case, it is important that you notify us so we can take action.

We recommend you not to pay any kind of money before seeing in real life what’s being advertised in the ad. Sometimes scammers will offer apparent great deals and ask for money upfront before you can actually see the house, flat, car and so on.

Also, money transfers through services like Western Union or Moneygram are used by scammers so you should be careful with that.

Common sense will be your best ally. Don’t trust ads with prices way below market average, especially if the person who posted it tells you that they are out of town and want some money upfront. It is important that you notify these kinds of ads to Trovit for the sake of the community.

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