I want to stop receiving alerts (emails)

The easiest way to unsubscribe from an alert is to click on the provided link for doing so, at the bottom of the email. You can also manage them in the myTrovit section. 

You can stop receiving alerts completely if that’s what you want. Just head to the myTrovit section of the website and Edit your alert. In the Edit menu you will find a link that says “Cancel alert”. You will be asked if you are sure of deleting the alert, if you are, just click yes and it will get deleted.

You might want to reduce the periodicity of the alerts rather than stop them completely. In that case, you can change your daily alerts to weekly alerts. You can also do that in the myTrovit section. Just click on the Edit button and change the “Daily alert” option for the “Weekly alert” one.

Please, consider that it is a relatively common mistake to mistake push notifications for alerts. While alerts are emails sent to your inbox, push notifications warn you when there are new ads that match your criteria. Alerts get stored in your inbox while push notifications are not saved anywhere.

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